Best valance styles for kitchens, baths, and bedrooms

These are the best looking valance styles. They are unique, clean and simple, and have a timeless style.

 These photos range from very easy to make (which you could sew & hang as a weekend project) to more complicated.

If budget is key, notice that some valances are stapled to a 1 x 4 board, so you don’t have to purchase a rod.

Window Valance with tab top
This Greensboro, NC window looked much larger
once we hung this custom valance in the bedroom

This Window Valance is simple to make
Notice how much it adds to this kitchen
Window Valance with two pleats
Stapled onto a 1 x 4 board
This valance is even great for living rooms
The best looking valances often have contrast fabrics
This valance is great for kitchen windows
Window valance with contrast straps
This structured style valance is clean and simple

This mock roman valance is a popular style
voted #1 as the best window valance which is
great for kitchens, baths, & bedrooms
What are the advantages of a valance?
  1. The best looking window valances can add a “finished look” to your windows. If you don’t believe they’re necessary, check out the BEFORE & AFTER windows on our web site at  
  2. Valances create the illusion of height, so the ceilings feel taller and the room feels larger. 
  3. A window valance is a great way to add color and texture, not to mention better sound absorbtion!
  4. Valances require very little fabric, but they have maximum impact.
  5. A valance can make a window feel larger, which makes windows look more expensive. 

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