Dining room space improvement. Will a buffet or server fit in my dining room?

dining room space improvement

People often ask us to add a server to their dining room, but most dining rooms aren’t quite wide enough. In the dining rooms below, we implemented dining room space improvements and were able to find dining servers that were about 66″ long,  yet only 12″ deep!  But that narrow depth is not easy to find! If you’ve searched and can’t find a narrow piece in the style price you like, here are 5 possibilities to consider for your dining room!

5 options for dining room space improvement:

1) Can the chandelier be moved?

Or is it centered in a doorway or window? The answer is normally NO, therefore 2 through 5 might be a solution.

2) Are you willing to get a dining table that is not as wide as most dining tables?

Perhaps a custom table? There are some tables that are narrower than others, though they are hard to find.


After Before
dining room space improvement dining room needs a buffet

Left above, we added a long serving console with storage, new art, and comfortable upholstered dining chairs.  Before, the room was “too traditional” for our client. She was tired of the dark dining set she had for 22 years. We kept her high-quality table but moved the old chairs to use at a game table in the bonus room, and the remaining two chairs to a bedroom bistro table for morning coffee. We created dining room space improvement,and improved the ambiance of the room.

3) Could you place a server at the end of the table instead of the side?

If so, that might solve your issue. See second to the bottom photo (the bay window).

4) Are you able to switch rooms?

Think outside the box! For example, perhaps you could make the living room into a dining room, and vice versa. Sometimes is a much easier change than expected. If you have an attic above, it’s often easy to add a chandelier. Or, if you have recessed lights close by, that allows the electrician easy access to add a chandelier.

5) Are you willing to have a custom cabinet built?

  • If so, doors would be less expensive than drawers, and the piece could be less deep.
  • For custom pieces know that a photo is worth a thousand words! The cabinet maker can’t truly visualize your stain preference and style preference without photos & finish samples.
  • If the cabinet has doors but is only 12 or 14″ deep, it might have requirements to be bolted to the wall, so that it doesn’t pose a tip over factor for young children.

Table in bay window

Below Photo features another dining console for space improvement that is only 12″ deep, which allows just enough space for the chairs to pull out from the table. Notice when they console is this narrow in depth they don’t provide much storage. A 12″ deep console with doors could pose an issue with tipping over, so some manufacturers are not willing to make them. Those that do make them provide hardware to attach them to the wall, which is strongly recommended for safety.

updated chairs and added dining console

Dining servers and consoles can be handy to use as a bar, (for wine) or for dishes that won’t fit on the table, such as desserts or long platters.
If your dining room does not allow room for the people seated to comfortably get out of their chairs, then hopefully one of the 5 options listed above will work. A dining server will only fit (comfortably) if you have at least 28″ between the back of the chairs and the front of the dining server. Have an idea? Send us a comment! Have a question? Email us today!

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