How to describe my design style, transitional, mid century modern, contemporary?

How to describe my design style? Which term best describes it? There are many choices, including modern, transitional, craftsmen, contemporary, midcentury modern, eclectic, old world, and more!

People often struggle to describe a design style they prefer. Why? Because several people could look at the same photo, and each person might describe the style differently. Also, it’s hard to condense what you love into one descriptive term! Our solution? Avoid trying to label your design style. Use photos instead, since a photo is worth a thousand words!

The room above has a beam ceiling in a farmhouse style, with contemporary furniture.The decorating style would probably be described as modern by some people, or transitional by others.

Just about every design style is popular right now. In years past, furniture stores were full of traditional style furniture. Furniture and accessories in today’s stores offer a good deal of variety. You’ll find contemporary, modern, transitional, craftsmen,  midcentury modern, bohemian, and more.

Perhaps you aren’t sure what style you like, because you like a variety of styles. An experienced designer can combine styles so it doesn’t look like a hodgepodge. For example, you could put a pair of mid-century modern chairs in a room that is otherwise more transitional. Or you could mix contemporary art into a traditional room. You could combine a cocktail table in a reclaimed look, with a more traditional sofa. Today’s gray distressed wood tones look great with a variety of styles. There’s an art to combining styles, so that it all blends well. When it’s too extreme it can end up looking like you combined things from his prior home with your prior home, in a way that they just don’t go together!

Below, this room’s style might be described as either “bohemian” or “eclectic” or “boho”. Notice the fabrics on the floor pillows, the combination of prints provides the bohemian look. The sofa is actually a very traditional style. The cocktail table is rustic. The wall screen on the right has a Moroccan flair. The combination of all of these styles is what most people would call eclectic.

The room below is transitional style. It’s a a mix of traditional, with a contemporary flair. Notice the straight lines and casual look of the cocktail table and end table, this gives the room a contemporary edge. The light fixture and sofas are neither contemporary nor traditional, they are what most people would describe as transitional.

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transitional_living_room_style_sofaYou can find an assortment of design styles in Pinterest, Houzz, Interior Design Blogs. If your search words are labeled by rooms instead of styles, you’re more apt to find choices you like. You’ll find that what one person describes as modern, might be called contemporary by another person. Or what one person calls traditional, might be labeled transitional by another source.

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