6 stunning ideas for patio design!

Think of your patio design as an extension of your home. Below, we list 6 design ideas for furnishing or decorating a patio. These ideas help make a patio feel unique and functional. We’ll show photos that bring in a variety of colors & textures. It helps to incorporate unexpected pieces, such as: A vintage […]

6 outstanding design ideas for your new patio or deck!

A patio or deck can be a wonderful place to enjoy your back yard. But BEFORE you dive in and call the remodeling company, consider these 6 design ideas. A stone or brick patio is difficult to change once you start construction, so it’s good to consider all your design options before diving in. Below, […]

Screened in porch updates without the expense of remodeling, with before and after photos!

A porch can be an oasis, a place you love coming home to! People tend to get sidetracked and think it will require major remodeling. If that’s not in the budget, perhaps some of these quick updates will help you love your porch!   1) Consider FUNCTION!  Do you have end tables for people to […]

Top 10 outdoor living spaces, interior designer tips & photos.

An outdoor living space or back porch can allow you to have another “room”, it will feel like an addition to your home and make guests feel welcome. 1) First and foremost – create mood lighting. Add dimmers to outdoor lights. Add candle sconces (with wind screens), wrap railing with rope lighting, anything you can […]