6 stunning ideas for patio design!

Think of your patio design as an extension of your home. Below, we list 6 design ideas for furnishing or decorating a patio. These ideas help make a patio feel unique and functional. We’ll show photos that bring in a variety of colors & textures. It helps to incorporate unexpected pieces, such as:

  • A vintage piece – what could be more fun than a vintage sofa or pottery?
  • Stone, Iron, Teak, Concrete, Rattan. A variety of textures!
  • Anything from Nature! Perhaps a planter or rock end table?

With these patio design ideas, you don’t have to break the bank. You can find goodies in consignment stores, the local farmer’s market, (for local plants and pottery), or at outlets. There are bargains to be found! Or if you prefer hassle free, consider an interior designer. They stock amazing items, often at great discounts due to their to the trade sources, and have great local craftsmen as sources.

To furnish the patio below, we used a combination of cast aluminum, stone, rock, teak & concrete.

1) Add a rocks, for a touch of nature (Below Left). 
If you can’t find an end table you like, make one!

2) Add teak! (Below Right). 
Whether it be a teak bench, teak planters, or teak tables, since it’s weatherproof, it is great on a porch or patio. Teak wood is a great new texture to incorporate.

3) Avoid a matching set!
Sure, sometimes furniture stores require you to purchase a matching set. That’s why in our design firm we often donate one or two of the pieces that come as part of a “matching set”. If you donate an end table or a cocktail table to Veterans or Habitat for Humanity, it allows you to bring in a new texture AND make another family happy! Whether you add something concrete, rattan, stone, or wood, the new texture makes a matching cast aluminum set or wicker patio set more interesting.

4) Think VINTAGE! 
The cool rattan outdoor furniture (below) is a 1958 Cuban look. When we found this, it was covered in an ugly bright orange fabric. Now, with a new cushion and fabric, our Winston Salem client is thrilled with it. So, use your imagination! Try to envision a piece in a new setting, with a new finish or fabric. Sometimes vintage pieces are just what a sun porch or screened in porch needs.

5) Think Muli Function! 
We painted an outdoor dining table top to cover this firepit – so it can be used as a cocktail table! Custom pieces like this table give your patio design a unique look.

A cocktail table can be handy during the summer when you rarely build fires! And best of all, it’s light weight (an outdoor fiberglass material), it can be easily removed to build a fire in the fire pit.
Or, perhaps you have a pedestal base that could easily be converted to a bistro table? Perhaps you have a granite slab you could use to make a garden bench? Think outside the box!

6) Add a porch swing!
Think about a Sunday afternoon in the fall, when you would love to find a place to relax, call a family member or friend, or read a good book. If comfort is key, you’ll actually use the spot. We put chickens on the smoker and allow ourselves to appreciate nature’s gifts.

Notice the designer below combined stone tables, with a wood porch swing, with cast aluminum or iron chairs. Such a nice combination of textures next to the stained wood ceiling and the brick floor on this screened in porch. Porch swings are also great on a covered patio.

The above screened in porch is so inviting with the wood swing. Notice the chairs are cast aluminum.

We hope you like these 6 design ideas for decorating and furnishing your patio or porch. It can feel like a decorated room that’s an extension of your home if you keep the patio area interesting. For hundreds more before and after photos and interior design ideas, we hope you’ll check out our prior blogs below. Or, for questions, be sure to email us!

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