How to decorate a room in a serene style.

How to decorate a room

Let’s talk about how to decorate a room. Are you tired of decorating styles in which there’s so much to look at that your brain feels like it’s on sensory overload? Perhaps you prefer a “serene” or “zen” style, rather than a room that’s filled with a lot of decorative items? For a tranquil look, […]

How much will it cost to furnish and decorate my new home? 6 must read tips for staying in budget!

How much will it cost to furnish and decorate my home? Smart question!Now, to make sure you’re getting a realistic answer –   It’s impossible for a designer to know which sofa, chairs, rugs etc fit your expectation level during the first consultation. Asking for a total is similar to asking a car salesman to […]

How can I decorate on a budget?

People often ask, how can I improve my home on a budget? The answer: don’t waste money by adding more accessories! If you look around your rooms, you might see lots of things which were perhaps a bargain, which you hoped would solve a blank space…. but $39 here and $49 there can really add up! Instead of adding lots of little items from stores, it’s […]