How to decorate a room in a serene style.

How to decorate a room

Let’s talk about how to decorate a room. Are you tired of decorating styles in which there’s so much to look at that your brain feels like it’s on sensory overload? Perhaps you prefer a “serene” or “zen” style, rather than a room that’s filled with a lot of decorative items? For a tranquil look, […]

Custom drapes versus store bought? What type window treatments are best?

Trying to decide between custom drapes versus drapes on line or in a store? Here we will list  the pros and cons so you can make the best decision.   Custom drapes hung OUTSIDE the window frameso they don’t block light, yet they’re wide enough to cover a 64″ wide area 1) Custom drapes can […]

What type window treatments are best for two story windows or oversized windows?

People often think the only option for two story windows is 2″ wood blinds – not so!! You have lots of options, from drapes to sheers (see photos) to valances. All of which make the windows feel “finished” and make the room feel cozy.  Clients comment that their windows feel harsh or unfinished until they […]