Custom drapes versus store bought? What type window treatments are best?

Trying to decide between custom drapes versus drapes on line or in a store? Here we will list  the pros and cons so you can make the best decision.  

Custom drapes hung OUTSIDE the window frame
so they don’t block light, yet they’re wide enough to cover a 64″ wide area
1) Custom drapes can be hung OUTSIDE of the window frame so they don’t block daylight, yet still meet in the middle for privacy. That’s because they can be made much wider than store bought drapes.
2) Custom drapes can be taller, to go from the crown molding down to the floor, to make your ceilings appear taller!
3) Custom drapes have high quality lining, which makes them look thicker and hang better for a more high end look. This can be important in a main room, such as for living room or dining room drapes. 
4) Custom drapes help with the electric bill. They hold in heat in the winter and help keep the room cool in the summer.  People tell us they still “love my drapes” from 20 years ago. Solid Linen drapes are timeless.
The one advantage of ready made drapes from stores is they can be very reasonable, we often provide those for guest rooms or children’s rooms, when a lower budget is a priority.
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