How to hide drape hardware? 5 interior design tips for a clean contemporary look!

There are ways to hang drapes so that the hardware doesn’t show. That can provide a clean contemporary look.

1) Drapery hardware can be hidden behind crown moldings, such as a built in valance.

A boxed in frame is a nice way to hide hardware. You’ll need a carpenter to frame in the shape. Check the dept of your hardware to make sure your framed in area allows plenty of clearance.

It can be plain (no decorative molding as shown below) for a contemporary clean look OR for a traditional look it would have crown molding.

2) Drapes can be mounted on ceiling hardware.

Ceiling mount hardware can be white, which pretty much disappears, especially if you plan to keep the sheers or drapes closed.

3) Hardware for drapes can be the same color as the walls. 

The white hardware below blends with the light color walls. This is good if your preference is for a monochromatic look. In the same way, Silver hardware looks nice on a gray wall.

4) Drapery hardware can be behind a roman shade, valance, or cornice.

Notice below this is a very traditional look. It is best used when you prefer a formal traditional look, such as in a library or formal dining room with tall ceilings.

5) A pocket rod will hide the hardware

I do not recommend a rod pocket if you’ll be opening and closing drapes. It would require adjusting them to get them to stack back neatly. For functioning drapes, most people prefer wooden rings or a traverse rod.

For questions about how to select drapes, valances, or to see hundreds of BEFORE and AFTER windows, see this link:

When you browse through blogs and home decor sites, you’ll see that the vast majority of the time the hardware is not hidden. Hardware that is bronze, black or wooden can be quite attractive. You can always hang the drapes first, knowing you have the ability to add something above it later on. With the 5 solutions for hiding drapery hardware above, you have lots of options!

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