Before adding a window seat, here are 5 helpful designer tips!

A window seat a great design choice here.

In designing your window seat and window seat cushion, consider these designer tips. Window seats can be a great spot for chatting on the phone or enjoying your morning coffee. They can make a bland window area more inviting. Best of all, they give the room personality – as well as function! They add storage, color, and seating. Window seats are a designer favorite!

Rosie loves this spot in the sun!

After Before
Window seat with Rosie window seat before picture

5 Tips to consider when designing your window seat.

1) Use thick foam.

If space allows, preferably about 4″ thick. It’s not only more comfortable, it’s also a more luxurious look! You can “test sit” the foam at your local upholsterer. If you’re unsure, “medium” is normally a safer bet than firm or soft.

2) Combine different fabrics!

We don’t use the same fabric on the pillows as the cushion. Sure, keeping it, all the same, would be easy, but it also doesn’t allow your window seat to be as interesting. Notice in the before photo, the cushion, and the pillows was the same fabric.  When you coordinate several different fabrics, you’ll achieve a “custom” look.

3) Consider a design firm’s fabrics.

Interior Designers stock fabrics that are not “mainstream”, not shown in local fabric stores. It’s nice to know your room will be unique. The chance of seeing the same 3 fabrics in your friend’s homes is less likely than your chances of winning the lottery!

4) Make sure “Fido” loves the spot….. or in the case above, “Rosie”.

After all, your kitty or dog are probably going to bask in the sun there as often as they can! You might just have to share the spot!

Here’s a window seat in which the pillows do not match the seat cushion because the window is stunning! In this case, the designer did not want to detract from the beautiful window.
A window seat a great design choice here.

5) When space allows, add a niche for storing books or accessories to your window seat! It’s like adding another kitchen cabinet, only better!

Window seat

If your window seat has storage, unique fabrics, a thick comfortable cushion, you’ll love the impact it makes on your kitchen, or hallway, or den.

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  1. This is a great use of space. I have a half wall that my contractor built in our kitchen and I was looking for a way to incorporate it into the room. I'm not sure why it is there in the first place. Utilizing it with a bench might be my best option. Thx

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