Print versus solid, what fabric is best?

How to choose the best fabric? Should I choose a solid or a print fabric? Often people choose print fabrics because they want to add color or interest. In small doses prints can be beautiful! However, there are other ways to bring in colors and pattern, such as:

1) A patterned rug – see before & after below
2) Prints on colorful pillows
3) Art and pottery
4) Trees & house plants
5) Accessories
6) An OUTDOOR view, keep from blocking beautiful views when possible!
7) Colorful Art, see the abstract art below

We love color and pattern! Especially in easy to change areas such as a throw, or throw pillows, or through art. Those can easily be changed or moved to another room. See the additional rooms of this home on our other sites, we incorporated bright colorful art in the entry and dining room. We painted the bedroom a fabulous green and made custom bedding that was colorful. We added bright beautiful pottery in the kitchen. There are so many ways to add color besides in a busy print fabric.

Pros for a print fabric on a chair or sofa:
1) It can be a statement piece
2) It can give a room personality

Pros for a solid fabric on a sofa
1) It makes it easier to update the rug and pillows
2) It makes it easier to add art
3) It can be soothing and less “busy”
4) It is less likely that you’ll grow tired of it.

To make choosing fabrics easier, we spread out fabrics on site in Greensboro, NC. Imagine, yards of fabric spread out across a sofa, which makes choosing a fabric versus a print so much EASIER!!

Notice he texture of the beautiful sheer linen on the window treatments. Even solid fabrics are beautiful, when they have a nice texture!

After, we recovered the chairs                               Before fabric was a bold print

Solid chairs compliment the rug’s chocolate, gray, and oatmeal colors.  
The lovely porch view is very colorful! We love the way the moldings, trim and stained woodwork on this screened in porch really “pop” next to the greenery of the trees outdoor.
Notice how the solid cushions (instead of a print) allow you to appreciate the architecture of the porch, and the beautiful view. There are no “distractions”, nothing “competing” for attention.
A print versus a solid fabric is certainly a matter of opinion. Some people feel strongly one way, others feel strongly the other. I tend to advise that if it’s a “major” purchase, such as a sofa, it’s often e wise to get a solid fabric that you’ll love for many years!



A neutral linen sofa does not detract from the stone fireplace.      BEFORE right >

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