6 quick fix ways to give your home a designer look.

Perhaps you like your furnishings, but would prefer more of  a professional designer look? Or maybe you’d like all the room to feel more cohesive. Something we hear often is that the things we “brought from our old home don’t look right in this house”.

To achieve a designer look, in most cases you don’t need to start over again! Often you don’t need new furniture! Instead of furniture, consider pieces that really make a statement, such as art, floor lamps, and fabrics. Here, we’ll list 6 quick fix solutions and photos. Hopefully they’ll provide inspiration!

1) Upgrade to custom window treatments. 
Below, the store bought valances are small. They “stop the eye at a low height”. After, tall custom drapes allow you to appreciate the tall ceilings in this great room.

2) Edit accessories. 
On the hearth and mantle, in the after photo there are only 3 decorative accessories. When you donate small accessories that aren’t your favorites, it allows you to really appreciate the remaining items on display. It’s important that accessories are large enough in scale for the size of your room. Most people have trouble finding the right size and scale for today’s large rooms, that’s where an interior design appointment can be helpful.

After Above,  Before Below 

Before, window valances blocked  the view of the sky, and “stopped the eye” at the 6′ high level.

3) Add large art 
A huge piece of art can “solve” a big blank wall. It adds color, texture, and interest. It’s almost like adding a window! Notice the scene below, and how the art invites you into the nature scene. Interior designers often have access to art that is much larger than you’d normally find in stores. The large art below is 46″ x 46″.
AFTER                                                                                                BEFORE  >>>
Art is 46″ x 46″. Size & scale is important in a large room with two story cathedral ceilings.
4) Hang valances high!
The 13″ tall valances in the before photo blocked the view of the trees and sky. They block precious daylight.
Custom valances can be made longer than store bought, that’s one of the benefits of an interior designer. Custom valances can be hung ABOVE the window (over the sheet rock instead of the window). See the roman shade style valances below.
After custom valances                                                                                                                  Before >>>
5) Recover a chair, ottoman or pillows! 
A beautiful fabric can make your chair look brand new! Recovering a chair is less time consuming than searching through furniture stores, sitting in numerous chairs to try to find the all the right criteria. More specifically, to find the right comfort, size, shape, style, quality, and price! If you love the comfort of your current furniture, consider having it reupholstered.
After                                                                                                               Before

6) Update Kitchen accessories! 
Below, the glass door kitchen cabinet feels like a work of art! Glass doors in the kitchen allow you to display colorful pottery, which can be functional as well as beautiful.
With these 6 quick fix tips, a home can look more sophisticated overnight, even without replacing furniture! Consider custom window treatments, recovering furniture, large art, and editing accessories. It’s amazing what these 6 quick fix changes do to give a home to achieve a professionally designed style.
All in all, the 6 quick fix ways a home can be upgraded are based on editing, custom window treatments, large art, recovering furniture you don’t love, and adding colorful accessories. Several of these quick fix changes can be done in one weekend. A professionally designed style isn’t always based on new furniture, often it’s the OTHER things besides furniture (rugs, lighting, accessories, art) that make a huge impact.

AFTER                                                                             BEFORE 

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