3 clever solutions for your foyer! With before and after interior design photos.

Clever solutions for a foyer are often quick fix solutions. When you update a foyer it can make a major impact. After all, a foyer is every visitor’s FIRST IMPRESSION. Your entrance way sets the mood for the entire home, as a reflection of the home’s style.

Here’s a few tips for decorating and furnishing a foyer so it feels clutter free, fresh, and light. Normally, it’s not necessary to do a major overhaul of flooring and wall colors. See what a big impact these 3 changes made in each of the foyers below.

1) Edit & update!
In a small foyer, one or two statement pieces can make a big impact. Notice in the before, there were SIX items, in the after there are Two. If your foyer feels dark or more formal than what you love, an updated lighter piece or two might be all you need! Perhaps you’re having trouble finding art that is the right size, shape. color combination. texture, picture frame, quality, style and price? Well that’s one of the benefits of an interior designer, some of them stock local art, so your can shop in the convenience of your own home!

The bench in a foyer below is handy for taking off wet or dirty shoes. Here, we recommended tall vertical art because it makes the low foyer ceiling feel much taller!

After                                                Before 

2) If  you have an intake vent that is demanding attention.
As long as you don’t block the air flow, some furniture pieces can work in front of a vent. See below, the open shelves of this console allow air flow. The mirror and beautiful lamp are a welcoming touch. Our Greensboro, NC homeowner loves this solution to hide her intake vent.  
After                                               Before, intake vent 

3) Consider moving a thermostat or outlet! 
For thermostats or security alarm pads, often you can move them to a less invasive spot. This can open a wall so that you have a nice focal point! Below, the builder had placed the thermostat in an awkward spot that didn’t allow us to hang anything decorative on the wall. By moving a thermostat or alarm pad, you can display something beautiful instead of an eye sore! Below, we moved the thermostat closer to the corner, it was a one hour quick fix change!
We hope these clever solutions for making a foyer more functional and pleasing to the eye will get your creative juices flowing! If you’d like to share your ideas, we’d love to read them, just click on comment! Or, for questions, be sure to email instead.
After with thermostat moved               Before, thermostat

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