5 fun ways to add color to a front porch! Just in time for spring!

Ready for your front porch to embrace spring with color? Even if you don’t have a green thumb (I certainly do not), there are other ways to add color! Below we’ll feature 5 inspiration photos for adding color to make your front entrance welcoming.

Sometimes we tend to think with an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Perhaps the entire house needs painting? Or all the windows need to be washed or replaced? Mine do! That’s when adding a touch of color to your porch might be the ‘Step One’ which provides just the inspiration needed! So if you don’t want to go to the expense or effort to do anything major right now, these photos show quick easy ideas to perk up your home and add color!

5 photos for adding color to a home’s exterior: 

1) Add glazed pottery!  

They come in a variety of yummy colors! You can get a base with rollers to make them easier to move. Keep in mind that in some areas of the country they’ll freeze and crack in the winter, so you might want to only fill the top portion with dirt to keep them from getting too heavy.

AFTER above
Exotic plants we found at New Garden Nursery on Garden Village Way

we added much needed color
2) Add bright colored plants & shrubs 

Shrubs are often overgrown or dated looking after their normal life span of 16 or 17 years. Consider removing them when possible, or cutting them at the base. Small new shrubs can make a house look new!

3) Paint your front door!

A yellow front door isn’t for everyone, but for those who love yellow, it’s a happy touch! It’s a great way to add color, or to emphasize a front entrance, (perhaps the door you’d prefer guests use).

4) Paint outdoor furniture! 

The above benches repeat the color on the front door. Or – maybe you don’t have a front porch? Find a natural area you could make more inviting! Under a shade tree, or beside a sidewalk. Check out the below photo – with the addition of a bright colored bench!

Tips for selecting the best color for outdoor furniture and front doors: 

1) View colors in natural light instead of by fluorescent light.

2) If the color seems bright on a swatch, it will really look bright on your entire front door or bench. If intense colors aren’t your preference, pick a subtle color.

3) Live with a “test area” for a day, it’s easier than repainting the entire door or bench!

4) If your furniture is cast iron or not meant to be painted, you can recover outdoor cushions instead.

5) Add a colorful sitting area!

Do you have ideas for making your home exterior colorful? Click the word “comment” below. We love hearing your ideas!!

Or for questions, be sure to email us instead.

Forget the ‘all or nothing’ mentality! Even minor additions of color can make an entrance or front porch cheerful.  Whether you prefer to find a good color for the front door, the outdoor furniture or a bench, or pottery….know that your favorite colors don’t have to be limited to indoor only.

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