What type indoor tree in my living room? 7 designer tips for greenery.

An indoor tree can be a beautiful addition to a living room! The addition of a touch of nature really changes a room! Not to mention the interest you’ll achieve through the texture of the bark, the limbs and the leaves! As for the size or type indoor tree that’s best, it’s good to keep the following in mind:

1) Size and scale of an indoor tree
If your room is large, the indoor tree or greenery should be as well. A small plant will look out of place, unless you can place it on a tall pedestal or stand. Notice below, the tree is a nice large size, to go with the large windows, large chandelier, large living room.

2) Is it unique?
The shape, the leaves, the style, just about any indoor tree or plant will look amazing, anything other than a basic fig tree. Fig trees were over used for many years in the 80’s and 90’s, they were so cheap at just about every discount store like Walmart and deep discount furniture stores. That is the only tree I would not recommend.

3) Does the room need a touch of nature?
There’s several ways to incorporate natural elements in a room, you could add a sisal rug, though they’re not durable, you can add fresh flowers, though they won’t last long, you can add a small plant, that is….if you have enough space on your cocktail table or console table. My favorite choice is an indoor tree or large plant. It can make a bare corner look “complete”, see below.

4) The pottery or container.

Consider the pot or container, a beautiful container can add so much to a room! A container with a nice texture is a plus, today’s new ones have a concrete like texture, but are lightweight with holes for draining. Know that re-potting an indoor tree is not easy, and not inexpensive, so it’s something you might want done before you take the tree home.

5) Does the room look “complete” without it?

An indoor tree can have the same impact as a chandelier or beautiful abstract art, it can actually “make or break” a room.

Think that’s an overstatement? Imagine each of these photos of decorated rooms WITHOUT the indoor tree or greenery. They would not be as unique and interesting!

In the two story windows at right, the two story drapes are stunning, but the indoor tree is what really makes the space unique, with it’s unique shape.

I love the twists and curves of the three tree trunks on the tree at right. The shape of this live tree helps break up the monotony of all the upholstered pieces.

The tree bark adds lovely tones of gray, brown, and all the colors of nature, while the top of the tree adds
the softness of round shapes to soften the room.

An indoor tree adds color to the room below, the tree is crooked and oddly shaped, yet beautiful.

6) Indoor trees are a trick interior designer’s use to complete a corner! 
Plants and trees give a corner of a living room so much interest, they somehow make living rooms more inviting! Notice no matter what size, shape, and style tree, the fresh greenery makes an impact.
And if you’re having trouble finding a great tree, know that’s one of the benefits of working with an interior designer, they often have access to great trees!

7) The amount of sunlight needed.
This is easily found on Google. You’ll read from Google bloggers about how “finicky” a tree might be to keep alive.

In this Greensboro, NC home (below), we made custom roman shades for the window, added a new drum chandelier, yet the room didn’t truly feel “complete” until the fiddle leaf fig tree was added!

An indoor tree takes this Greensboro NC home to another level!

Just about any type indoor plants or trees are beautiful, as long as the indoor tree is large enough for the space, in a good container, with a unique style. You really can’t go wrong by adding greenery, plants, or an indoor tree to give your room an inviting look. After all, who doesn’t love nature?

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