Glass shower doors vs shower curtains

For today’s topic, we’re sharing the pros and cons (the feedback we hear) from homeowners regarding shower curtains versus glass shower doors.

People feel strong dislikes or likes regarding shower curtains or glass shower doors! We’ve read all about glass shower doors versus shower curtains, on Houzz, Pinterest, and blogs, and narrowed down the pros and cons below.

glass shower doors

Advantages of glass shower doors:

1) It can make the room feel larger or more “open”.
It can look sophisticated, as an upgrade to a store bought shower curtain.

2) Glass can provide a clean contemporary look. 
This is especially the case with today’s seamless shower doors, which are very pricey but attractive.

Disadvantages of glass shower doors:

1) It requires daily cleaning with a squeegee. No, that’s not my opinion, that’s what I read from MANY people who commented on Houzz. As one Houzz person commented,  if you don’t clean the glass door with a squeegee after each shower, your “glass can look like a cow licked it” – her words not mine!

2) Glass is a MUCH bigger expense. 
We’re talking over $1000 more minimum, sometimes $1,500 more, due to installation. It can even run upwards of several thousand depending on the shape and size of your shower.
If you’re planning to move within say 5 or 10 years, know that the next homeowners might like the opposite of you, or may even want to remodel the bathroom, so you’re not improving the value if it’s say in a guest bathroom where people may prefer a tub for bathing children or pets or for cleaning large items.

3) Glass doesn’t allow privacy. If several children are using the bathroom at once, that’s another bit of feedback we hear.

So what is an option besides glass or a store bought shower curtain? 
That’s easy – a custom shower curtain that is on both the left and right, so it doesn’t “block” your beautiful tile wall. Notice how narrow the shower curtain below is, yet you can still HIDE THE PLASTIC LINER!

Or, if your shower is really large, like the one below, you can get by without a door or curtain.

no shower doors

Some showers are so large, they don’t require doors!

We hope you’ll share your thoughts in comments. Or, for questions, be sure to email us instead. Want other bathroom updating ideas with before and after photos? Here’s a popular blog: window treatments for bathroom privacy 

So, the general consensus for glass shower doors versus shower curtains in talking with homeowners varied a lot. Basically, we’ve found that people like glass shower doors in master bedrooms, but most people do not like them where children or guests might use the room, due to higher maintenance.

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3 thoughts on “Glass shower doors vs shower curtains

  1. I like how you mentioned that glass showers can really open up a room and look sophisticated. I have a really small bathroom, so I think glass shower may serve me best. I also think it’s important to remember that glass showers can be frosted, so you can still get the privacy you want.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you very much for having a share a good information and nice differ about shower door and shower curtains. I read so amazingly information in this article. I enjoyed reading it. Seriously, I impressed with your work. Keep more update and more share your useful article.

  3. I like that you mentioned how glass shower doors could look sophisticated, as an upgrade to a store bought shower curtain. We are currently renovating our bathroom and my wife has decided that we should add a glass shower door. Glasses are hard to handle so we should definitely let some specialist do the work for us.

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