Best window treatments for bathroom privacy?

In this bathroom, the clients have a breathtaking view. We like their choice of blinds for privacy in this bathroom, when they’re raised, they do not block ANY of the view, they collapse to only 1/2″ tall, versus 2″ wood blinds which still would block about 9″ of the view when fully raised.

Notice below, we hung the valance in front of the sheetrock area (not the glass) for several reasons – so the ceilings feel taller, (and the room feels larger), so we didn’t block daylight or the view.

1) Blinds offer the option of opening the blinds completely, so guests can enjoy the view during social gatherings.

2) These blinds allow the option of “top down, bottom up” blinds, for privacy. You can still enjoy the beautiful sunshine, while maintaining privacy!

Before Below – we replaced the valances & painted cabinets 

We like the honeycomb blinds, so we kept them. They can be raised to be completely hidden behind the valance!

If you aren’t willing to sacrifice a beautiful view, know that you don’t have to settle for 2″ wood blinds! The option above is one more alternative, with other options being:

1) Roman shades that raise and lower

2) Drapes on hold back brackets

3) A window Film that makes it impossible to see inside the bathroom from the exterior.

Bathroom windows have numerous privacy solutions, we hope you’ll share your thoughts below, by clicking the word “comment”. Or, for questions, be sure to email instead!

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