Do lounge chairs needs to match? 5 helpful tips!

Do lounge chairs need to match? That’s an excellent question! The answers vary, if two chairs are the same size and scale and “blend” well, then they do not need to match. But if you want to obtain the following five benefits, then it’s best to purchase a matching pair of chairs.

  1. A matching pair makes it easy to furnish the room. There’s no need to search through furniture stores trying to find the right size, scale or fabric. It can be hard to find a style that coordinates well with an existing chair.
  2. A room can be rearranged easier with a matching pair. For example, a matching pair looks great flanking a window, or a fireplace, or in a corner.
  3. A matching pair is good if you prefer symmetry. Some people strongly prefer symmetry, others like a more eclectic look.
  4. A matching pair can share one round cocktail ottoman, and look great in a cozy niche.
  5. A matching pair often allows you to be more creative in other areas, such as with the pattern of your rug, or your throw pillows.

When you flank a fireplace with matching chairs, you create symmetry. The client below requested we sell them chairs for each side of their fireplace, we found this matching pair in their home office. By avoiding an expense of new furniture, you can often update other things such as light fixtures, rugs, wall paint, cocktail tables, etc., whichever items you do not love. See before and after:


Before below:

A matching chair makes it easy to rearrange a room, this room could be arranged three ways!

We choose a matching pair for this home, to create symmetry at the window.

Below, we brought this Lake Jeanette client a matching pair so we could use a shared “cocktail ottoman” in leather.

On the flip side, a single chair that doesn’t have a mate can often be at a bargain price at an outlet. So, it depends if the five benefits are important to you. A matching pair of chairs certainly has numerous benefits!

We hope you’ll visit our web site, with over 50 before and after room transformations, at Transforming Rooms. com. We’d love your feedback, send us a comment today!





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