On line design service versus a local interior designer, pros and cons.

Interior Decor products and Interior design services are available several ways:a) on lineb) from furniture storesc) from a local interior design firm.We’ll list the pros and cons, the feedback we’ve heard from clients, and expenses involved with each. To decide between an on line interior design service versus a local interior designer, here are three […]

Pros and cons to stage setting a home, 3 proven tips!

According to USA today article dated 4-27-15, “a home that is professionally staged will sell faster”.   How much faster? Read on for statistics from the National Association of Realtors.  Pro (Advantage of Home Staging): Per Chris Polychron, president of the NAR, More elaborate staging, such as repainting or nice new furniture & art can help. […]

Should I replace my loveseat with a pair of chairs? 5 pros and cons!

Is a pair of chairs better than a loveseat? That’s a question we get asked every week! A love seat often comes as part of a set, when you purchase furniture off a showroom floor. Many people tell us they would not have ordered a loveseat, but were required to buy a “matching set”. A […]

Pattern versus solid rug, 6 pros and cons for which rug style is best?

There are pros and cons for a solid rug versus a print rug, or even a shag rug. Often people tell us they worry that their room will be boring unless they get a rug with a busy print. Quite the contrary, you can have patterns and prints on your pillows, art, accessories or drapes. […]

Pros and cons of a TV over the fireplace, should my Television be above the mantle?

Clients often think they should definitely put the TV above the fireplace. There are alternatives you can consider.  In the top photo, their mantle was 5 1/2′ tall (due to code requirements), so the top of the TV would have been almost 9′ tall. According to ergonomic professionals & Physical Therapists, looking up to watch […]

Upholstered headboard versus wood–which is better?

When looking through magazines, you’ve probably noticed the variety of upholstered headboards. I have one, which I love. Here are six advantages to an upholstered headboard versus wood headboard. This upholstered headboard allowed the homeowners to decide the exact height they wanted the headboard to be.   This upholstered headboard gave the room a clean metropolitan feel, the […]