Upholstered headboard versus wood–which is better?

When looking through magazines, you’ve probably noticed the variety of upholstered headboards. I have one, which I love. Here are six advantages to an upholstered headboard versus wood headboard.

headboard camel
This upholstered headboard allowed
the homeowners to decide the exact height they
wanted the headboard to be.


upholstered headboard white
This upholstered headboard gave the room a clean
metropolitan feel, the tall height created a stunning focal point.
  1. You avoid the “matching set” look. It’s a nice change to mix in fabric instead of more wood. It adds texture and color.
  2. The room will look more spacious – beds that have a footboard often “cut off the room” and cause it to look crowded
  3. It’s easier to make the bed with a headboard only (no more tucking in sheets and bumping your knuckles)!
  4. Comfort, especially if you’re tall. You no longer have a footboard you’ll kick during the night, or hit with your shin in the dark.
  5. Cost – normally a high end upholstered headboard is less expensive than a high end wood bed
  6. An upholstered headboard is comfortable to lean on. That’s our favorite thing about upholstered headboards, – for reading  or TV
  7. The money you’d spend on a footboard can go to a beautiful bench at the foot of the bed, a great place to place your duvet or bedspread.
It’s personal preference of course! If your room is very large (not narrow and long) then concerns over being spacious would not be necessary.

The only concern I’ve heard about upholstered headboards is durability, if that is a concern, consider ultra suede or sunbrella fabric. Ultra suede is extremely durable, and luxurious to touch! To see more headboards from Greensboro, NC, check out our bedroom photos!

Click on these two links for lots of beautiful BEFORE and AFTER transformations, many with upholstered headboards: 



0 thoughts on “Upholstered headboard versus wood–which is better?

  1. Totally agree! I love the look and feel of my upholstered headboard. I plan on eventually changing out the dark wood headboard in my guest room as well. It feels too matchy matchy.

  2. Fabric covered headboard – What a great idea!! An easy way to totally change the look of a bedroom. Fresh and beautiful!!

  3. I don’t like upholstered headboards with too many formal tufts. The beds in this blog are more my style. I’m so tired of my footboard I’d like to rip it off!! I may just do this.

  4. The advantage of a footboard is it holds the blanket and/or bedspread in place when not using them while sleeping. Those items just drape over the footboard as opposed to falling off the bed into a mess on the floor. Beds with footboards are much easier to make in the mornings.

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