How to layout a master bathroom for a remodel, corner shower or tub?

Trying to decide how to layout your bathroom for a remodel? Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s more important to have a large shower and no bathtub, versus a large bathtub with a small shower? Below we’ll list 6 helpful questions to consider, before you begin remodeling!  We’ll also show luxurious master bathroom photos for design ideas. These bathroom are bigger than some bedrooms!   
This master bathtub did not require a compromise. 
The room is so large they were still able to have a long vanity and a walk in shower. 
This luxury bathroom was based around a focal point of a large window, with a beautiful private wooded area. 

Helpful questions to decide what features are important for your bathroom remodel:
1) Do you use your current bathtub?  
If not, is it because it’s too small? Or perhaps you’d like to use it, once the children are older? There’s nothing quite like an Ebson Salt bath to get rid of aches and pains. A large Jacuzzi area can be a soothing oasis, with a window view, like above, or maybe a built in TV. It can be a great place to escape and rewind!
2) Does your bathroom need a focal point?  
Perhaps you want a large window to the outdoor view? What’s the first thing you’ll see as you enter? This should be considered for the layout. Perhaps you like symmetry?
3) Where are you willing to compromise?   
Does a larger shower mean your vanity area might be a bit crowded? Or will you have to sacrifice a nice large water closet for the toilet?  
4) Which layout will allow you to have more windows?  (more day light) 
Large windows = lots of wonderful daylight!! Lots of light is a universal request, one that’s in high demand. Everyone loves a room with lots of natural light!  
5) Do you prefer privacy for shower walls? 
If so, notice how this corner shower worked great! (below) Lots of today’s showers are totally open, which do you prefer?
6) Want to avoid costly plumbing issues?
If so, consider where the new plumbing would be in relation to the old plumbing. This is a great way to keep expenses down.
6) Last but certainly not least – Does the layout allow a private room for the commode?
See photo below: LEFT side door to commode. 
After Above, Before Below
Walk in shower in the corner
By turning the entrance door to the commode on an angle, 
we were able to make the room symmetrical

Here’s a bathroom with the tub in the corner, which allowed separate his and her sinks on each side,
as well as a private room for the commode.

In this bathroom layout there was ample room for both a large tub (left) as well as a walk in 
This bathroom layout has a beautiful arched window and recessed niche for the large oval tub

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A bathroom layout is often the most most important part of the process!  It’s wise to plan the layout well, to avoid any change orders.

As HGTV star Marnie Oursler of “Big Beach Builds” stated “The most expensive mistake you can make when renovating your home – or building a new one – is a choice. If you decide you want something and then change your mind, that’s where it gets expensive”. 

Avoid change orders, think through your layout. Once you weigh in function, style, symmetry, budgeting and resale, you can determine which things you are (and are not) willing to compromise on. Whether you want a large shower, a large tub, long counter tops or a large window, the best layout for your bathroom might just work in the space with the right planning! 

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