What window treatment is best for an arched window?

Do you have an arched window or a unique shaped window and you’re not sure what window treatment or drape would be best? Perhaps you’re just looking for window treatment ideas? Here’s helpful tips to consider!
Window treatments draw attention to the beautiful curved window!
Drapes that are hung above a window will draw the eye up. This actually draws more attention to the beautiful arch or curved shaped window! Notice the contrast banding on the drapes, the camel and ivory color blends well with the rug and pair of chairs. 

Long drapes draw attention to the beautiful arched window. The drapes provide the option of not blocking any view
or total room darkening in this bedroom.

Below, our Greensboro NC client can still see the beautiful sky through the transom window.
Notice we followed the arch shape with the drapes, and added taupe sheers which can be opened
(and hidden behind drapes) when entertaining guests.

Do you need to block the sun in the arched transom? 
If so, you can add blinds or shades that are custom made for the curve. See below photo. However, keep in mind the huge disadvantage of blocking the beautiful view of the sky, which there’s no need to block every evening or those hours when the sun is not a problem!
Prefer to not block the view?
If so, full length drapes are a beautiful option … because you won’t block any of the beautiful sky and sunshine when entertaining or when it’s the right time of day to enjoy it! This gives you the option of closing Sheers or drapes only when the sun is too harsh. 
A blind for a curved window, in a half circle shape 
So this sums up the feedback we hear from clients regarding curved or arched or half circle transoms. The most popular choice is for the drape to hang at the very top of the arch. A tall drape will also make your ceilings look taller and your room will feel larger! 
For many more window treatment ideas, check out this popular link with BEFORE and AFTER photos and window treatment solutions for every window shape and style! 


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  1. These visuals are so helpful, for some reason we kept picturing an arched valance. I am going with drapes instead. Please keep these photos coming!! I just can’t picture the end result
    Without the visuals!

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