4 clever designer tricks to make a living room feel larger

open living room with glass walls

Need interior designer ideas to make your small living room feel larger? Here we’ll share 4 tips from interior designers. Designers have years of experience in furnishing hundreds (often thousands) of different size shape living rooms. From experience, they know what works in a small living room. Below we’ll show you a couple of before and after examples.

How to make a living room feel larger:

1) Consider large furniture.

Yes, it might seem contrary to what may seem logical. Many people think small furniture would be best in a small living room. But notice how one large sectional and one large cocktail table living room feel larger. It is an average size room, and this made a big difference. The designer made wide use of the space, so that it can seat a good deal of people.

living room feel larger by adding large furniture

2) Keep colors or patterns to a minimum.

No, we’re not saying you need to go with ivory and gray! Even if you LOVE color, just know that art or fabrics or rugs with 2 or 3 subtle tones will tend to make a room look larger than extremely busy fabrics or rugs with busy patterns. Tone on tone can be in subtle colors that are soothing to the eye, like the room below. Notice that although this music room (living room) is on the small side, it is still able to furnish a baby grand piano and a chaise. The designer made good use of a small space, it doesn’t feel crowded or cluttered.

room feels larger and simple

3) Edit the number of pieces.

Notice in the before photo BELOW, there are 7 items. In the after, there are just a few pieces. The simplicity can make a space feel serene and larger. Sure, function is important to consider as well, so if you need more seating, then chairs and a table are great. But if you do not need more seating (if you’re mainly trying to fill a big blank wall), consider one long bench or one long console.

4) Consider large art rather than groupings of art.

Notice in the “after” the canvas art is large, and goes all the way to the edge. The small art in the before has matting which makes it look even smaller.

5) Add vertical art.

Notice the tall lamp and vertical art. This makes the ceilings feel taller, and the room feel more spacious. When a lamp is taller, the light spreads out further at eye level. This is true whether it be on a piece of furniture or a floor lamp…. either way, taller is better.

In the before photo, the fabrics and art had many colors…gold, yellow, dark green, white, blue, black, brown, mahogany, tan, orange, etc. The client requested a subtle & serene look that would make the living room feel larger.

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After Before
 spaces feel larger and clean  How can you make this space feel larger?


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