4 designer tips for built in bookshelves!

1) A rich deep wall color will make those bright white bookshelves feel richer! See before and after of the built in wall unit below. 
2) A few large accessories feel clean and interesting, while lots of small items can tend to feel like “clutter”. That’s the word our clients use! You may need to go through an interior design firm, because high end designers have access to large interesting pieces that you often cannot find in local stores. Designers will mix these finishes: metal, wood, stone, and colorful canvases. Accessorizing can make a major impact on a home, especially when the size and scale of the items is correct for a two story room!
AFTER above, BEFORE below

3) Insert glass into wood framed shelves, so light will travel through to the layers below!

4) Symmetry can be appealing! Notice above, we kept the shelf layout symmetrical, and we used a pair of abstract art pieces so the left and right lower shelf areas coordinated.

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