Furnishing the corner of the living room, 4 designer tips:

Do you have a living room corner which needs just the right furniture in the corner? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

1) Am I craving COLOR?

If so, then large colorful artwork might be just the thing for you!


2) Do I get tired of clutter? 

 If so, then purging may help you create an environment you love coming home to! We collect a lot of “stuff” through the years, which when donated can bring joy to others, it’s often very uplifting to donate anything you no longer use or love.

3) Are my current pieces the right SCALE? 

Notice in the before and after above, the huge leather recliners and small oval chairs that Ethan Allen recommended felt “off balance” the gray recliners were much too large for the space, while the oval chairs were much to small. Our leather console table, lamp, and art helped fill the corner of this living room with just the right size and scale.

4) Is the furniture store “designer” qualified?

In the room above, the Ethan Allen designer recommended furnishings which were not a good scale, they were also very dark and overpowering. After living with them for years (what else can you do once you make a huge investment?), the client turned to us for the more modern lighter look she always wanted!

To furnish a living room corner, a console table is a great place to store keys, or to have an under console bench, or to add color. For many more living room ideas, check out our other blogs!

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