What type art goes with earth tones and a rustic home?

We hear this question often:  what type art will look good with a stone fireplace and stained beam ceilings? They tell us they fear they’re limited to art that is similar to their home’s architecture, such as pictures of mountains, rivers, rustic, or,  at the very least, art that is in neutral brown and gray tones.

Quite the contrary! If you’re craving color, you can add art that speaks to you! As long as the colors make you happy, that’s what matters!

Art can give your home a fresh vibrant personality….. it can make your home cheerful, unique, interesting, and personality filled!

1) Art that is vibrant and unexpected can compliment your rustic beams!

Notice below – the art compliments the wooden beams on the ceiling, the stucco style fireplace and the hardwood floors!

2) If you prefer simple, go with art that is simple. 

Art doesn’t have to have a lot going on. In the room below, the chandelier is busy, the striped sofa is busy, so the homeowner chose art that was a clean look.

3) Embrace the colors you love! 
The rooms below both have rustic wooden beams, dark hardwood floors, and a brick or stone.  
The homeowners on the left chose art that is very colorful with intense green & raspberry.
The homeowner on the right preferred subtle gray and white art. 
Notice how both styles can work with rustic beam ceilings. 

4) Make sure your art is large enough!
The below room has wide wood beams on the ceiling and flanking the fireplace, and very tall ceilings. The homeowners knew the art had to be very large, so the scale would be substantial enough for such a massive space.  
Art is personal preference!  
However, after years of seeing homes with art that is way too small for the room, know that there are 7 criteria you should look for. And, word to the wise –  you can’t create something in your mind that doesn’t exist, so unless you want to have something custom made and pay a great deal, (even then the artist may create something that isn’t what you had in mind) it’s wise to pounce on it if you find good art!
We consider 7 criteria:
1) correct size and scale art for the space! (most important)
2) good color combination, to flow with the rest of your rooms
3) unique, not in all the local stores
4) within your budget
5) a nice frame (not too busy or ornate for your home)
6) a nice texture (originals) or nice matt color (prints)
7) blends with your adjacent rooms, rugs, fabrics etc. 
If you’re lucky enough to solve the majority of the criteria, pounce on it!!  You’ve accomplished an amazing feat! Finding art that is right for a room is MUCH harder than finding furniture, it’s much harder than finding the right rug. So unless you’re willing to spend a great deal (or leave your walls blank for more years), know that one of a kind local art is a true find!  

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been trying to convince my significant other to construct our fireplace to look rustic. I have a hard time giving her images of the final product that incorporates art, color, etc… Cross my fingers, but I think this will help.

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