Update a kitchen table eating area, with before and after photos.

Do you feel like your kitchen is in need of updating? Perhaps you can update it with less expensive ways than remodeling. In the kitchen below, the client didn’t want to invest the time, energy and money to tear out the counter tops and start over again. We made the room feel updated in one day!

1) With a new table and chairs!
We avoided a “matching set” we found the chairs at once source, and the table was a one of a kind from refurbished wood.

2) A new window valance!

3) Colorful pottery, plants and accessories!

 The gray reclaimed wood table and comfortable chairs are a big hit in this  home! 

BEFORE below


A kitchen can be transformed in one weekend. This is much less stressful than months of remodeling with the noise, dust, and major expense.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is the room functional, but just feels dated?

2) Do I want to sink more money into the structure? OR would I prefer spending money on items I can take with me and don’t have to worry about recouping expenses during resale?

3) Could I try a few quick fix updates first? Then, if not satisfied proceed with a major remodel?

Updating a kitchen can be a daunting task if it’s a major remodel – an interior designer can help you with creating budgets and goals. They can also make recommendations regarding which updates you can recoup during resale. It’s wise to consider what % a kitchen remodel will consume of your overall budget for the entire home. Questions? Call us today 336-209-3087. Comments? we love to hear your thoughts!

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