How to layout furniture in a long or large living room,

To layout the furniture in a long narrow room, know that their are several ways you can “trick the eye” so the room will feel wider. Do a sketch or to scale furniture layout – your back will thank you if you spend more time planning & less time moving furniture!

1) Create sections by adding fabric between two parts of the room, see photo below.

The drapes hung between two seating areas help create two sitting areas in this large room 

2) Arrange long pieces such as a console table, sofa, or a rug across the narrow width.   If you don’t have a wide enough room, you can create a furniture grouping on one side of the room instead of in the center of the room.

  • Make sure your sofa isn’t too long, as you’ll need to allow at least 34″ (preferably more) for the walkway. 
  • If the room is so narrow that this can’t be done, you could always resort to chairs instead of sofas. 
  • If you only have a walk way on one side or the other, the room probably will feel imbalanced – don’t give up! Just place a large painting on the opposite wall to balance the room.  

2) Avoid putting long pieces such as horizontal art against the long wall, this can accentuate the “bowling alley feeling” that you’re trying to avoid.

3) Create “groupings” so you’ll have intimate conversation areas like the photo below.

Two or three different groupings of furniture are often needed in a large room
The “curve” shape of the chair softens the room 

4) Add drapes on the outside of windows to make the room feel wider. This is an important addition that you’ll want to budget for. Once custom window treatments are hung, people comment that they’re amazed at how much wider the room feels. Custom window treatments are much wider & thicker than store bought drapes.

If a budget is key, (causing you to have to do without certain items), drapes are more important than wooden shutters. See the before photo below — notice that shutters or window blinds do not make the window feel wider. If you need light filtering, today’s linen sheers can be a nice layered touch.

AFTER above, BEFORE below
This Greensboro, NC room had a long narrow room
with a ‘bowling alley’ feeling. Drapes hung on the outside of the
window frame made the windows feel wider. 

Do you have a furniture arrangement that you’re struggling with for a long narrow room? We’d love to hear your room layout delimas! Send us an email if you want a response.

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