What color should I paint the trim and below the chair rail molding?

People often paint the chair rail molding and the area below it white or a contrast paint color. The problem with this is that it can tend to cut the room in half, or make the room look chopped up, and can make your ceilings feel lower.

Below is an example of what it can look like if the trim is painted the same color as the walls.

If you have a huge room and nice tall ceilings, you might not need to worry about making the ceilings feel lower, if not, know that when we’ve painted below the chair rail the same color as above the chair rail – every client told us they were very happy with the end result. It definitely makes ceiling look taller! BEFORE and AFTER here: 

AFTER above
By painting above the chair rail and below the chair rail the same color, the room looks bigger.
Our custom drapes, (hung just below the ceiling) make the room feel taller
We brought vertical art work makes the room feel taller

Paint below the chair rail was a darker color 
In this photo the trim paint & area below the chair rail are painted the same color 
If you want to paint the moldings & trim white perhaps you can add color through art, furniture, or fabrics

This homeowner achieved a clean cohesive look by
painting the trim
and walls the same color 

For photos & suggestions regarding paint colors, adding color, whether to paint an accent wall, etc…see this link”


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