Ideas for rustic reclaimed wood beams at entrance ways, mantles, or columns.

If you have rustic wood beams, they can be used in a variety of ways to accent your home. One thing for sure, they can blend with just about any style design, from industrial modern…. to country french… to Scandinavian… to an eclectic style. The wood from beams adds a wonderful texture that homeowners love, […]

What color should I paint the trim and below the chair rail molding?

People often paint the chair rail molding and the area below it white or a contrast paint color. The problem with this is that it can tend to cut the room in half, or make the room look chopped up, and can make your ceilings feel lower. Below is an example of what it can […]

How to get the best price when selling my home? What color should I paint the walls for resale?

When selling a home, your goal is obviously to get the best price. With that said, it’s hard for any of us to look at things from a buyers perspective. A good way to detach yourself is to study a photograph of each section, (each wall), ……then ask yourself some tough questions: Would my spouse & […]