How can I hide my flat screen TV? See these photos!

People often ask how they can hide their TV, saying they don’t want it to feel like the focal point. With today’s thin flat screens, it really doesn’t need to be hidden, after all, we all have televisions! But if it truly bothers you, here are 3 ideas:   1) Place the TV behind a folding screen, see […]

What size and shape table does my dining room need? Eight tips for getting the right size and staying within budget.

   Furniture from High Point, NC   To select the correct size table, draw the width and length of your room on 1/4″ graph paper. This will allow you to see how different options would work while you are furniture shopping. An oval dining table (see above) often works better in a space than a […]

If you’re headed to a High Point furniture store, rethink your current furniture!

Take another look at your furniture…. do you have a piece that could be used differently? Or, is their a piece that’s a nice size and shape, but it just needs to be undated? Perhaps a piece is too dark? You can cheer it up by applying paint to the inside walls. If you’d like a less permanent solution, insert […]