What size and shape table does my dining room need? Eight tips for getting the right size and staying within budget.

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  •  To select the correct size table, draw the width and length of your room on 1/4″ graph paper. This will allow you to see how different options would work while you are furniture shopping.
  • An oval dining table (see above) often works better in a space than a rectangle.
  • pedestal table is better than four legs if you’re cramped for space.  
  • Keep in mind that if your room is small, it’s better to go with a smaller table, you can always extend it with leaves on occasions.   
  • You need plenty of room for people to back up their chairs. Allow at least 40″ from the table to the back of the chair (when the chair is pulled out so they can stand).
  •  Consider your budget! It might be wise to only replace those pieces that will make the most impact. In the photo above, notice how the upholstered chairs make quite a statement. We offer this chair individually, for those who wish to replace the host and hostess chair only. If you’re on a budget,  make sure you’ll have funds left over for items that will create the most impact, such as drapes, paint, and art. 
  • If you have an existing buffet or hutch, consider painting the hardware in silver leaf or bronze. 
  • Furniture stores charge a large restocking fee, it’s best to measure for the right size and consider your budget before heading to the furniture store.

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