How can I hide my flat screen TV? See these photos!

People often ask how they can hide their TV, saying they don’t want it to feel like the focal point. With today’s thin flat screens, it really doesn’t need to be hidden, after all, we all have televisions! But if it truly bothers you, here are 3 ideas:  

1) Place the TV behind a folding screen, see top photo below.  

2) “Recess” the TV into a niche in the wall. If extra depth is required, the adjacent area must be a garage or a closet.  This requires a contractor who can do framing and sheetrock.  

3) If it really bothers you, you can even purchase sets that look like a mirror or art, which magically disappear for TV viewing. You often see those on Candice Olsen’s TV Show about design.

4) For a quicker solution, you can simply “ground” the TV by placing a console under it, so it doesn’t look like it’s floating on the wall. An accessory or plant can help detract the eye (bottom photo).

5) Last, it helps to get hanging brackets that hang several inches closer to the wall than others. Now that it’s Football season, embrace the TV, we’d miss them if we didn’t have them! 

Flat screen TV hidden by leather folding Screen

Flat screen view with folding screen open

For many more photos & ideas for hiding TV’s, be sure to click on the search words below. You can hide your flat screen, or detract the eye from it, or place it next to a major focal point. 

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