What shape art should I hang over a bed?

Have you tried various pieces of art over the bed and nothing looked quite right?

Here are 4 photos to give you ideas for what to hang over a bed:  

1)  Nothing at all!

Which is totally fine, if you love your bed and don’t want to detract from it. Notice the headboard below, with nail head trim and a beautiful gray textured fabric, it can stand alone. The wall can still be the focal point, and this can make the room look bigger if you do it right!

The below master bedroom is very large, with art on several walls, therefore, the client loves the nice clean look of nothing over the bed. The below is “in progress” we have a beautiful fabric print being made into a large custom pillow for the center of the bed.

                    BEFORE >>>  

Notice the tall bedside lamps in the AFTER photo. Our nightstand lamps are normally 10″ taller than those found in stores, which is important if your bedroom is large. Interior designers often have access to more options than what you’ll find in local stores, due to To the trade shows in Chicago, Atlanta, Vegas, California and High Point. You can even get some designers to show you options in your home, this “on site viewing” is the easiest way to make informed decisions!

2) A mirror or architectural piece in a unique shape. 

If your bed or headboard is plain, you can add an interesting shape above the bed.

3) A grouping of art! 

This can be helpful if you have a king bed, and haven’t found any horizontal art you like. Notice how the grouping below completes the blank space above the bed.
If you like a clean simple look, you might want to go with matting and framing that is similar.

This grouping of art over the bed is beautiful, it’s simple  and doesn’t detract from the beautiful fabrics on the bed and upholstered headboard.

4) Hang mirrors above the nightstands!

If you don’t think art looks good above your bed, perhaps you can hang art or mirrors over the nightstands? Mirrors can mimic the look of windows, to make a room feel larger.  
Hopefully these photo get your creative juices flowing, and provide ideas for options of what to hang on the headboard or bed. Do you have ideas of you own you’d like to share? We love hearing your feedback! Or, for questions, feel free to email us today! 
The main focal point wall of the bedroom can look amazing if everything is the right size and scale for the room. And if it’s a big wall, it’s all about finding the right size and scale. It will require a large bed, or lamps, or art! 

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