How to make a large TV over the mantle look better, 4 designer tricks to detract from the TV.

For design tricks to detract from a large TV, here’s a few fun options!

1) Remove some shelves in the built in cabinets, so you can use larger accessories.

The hurricane lantern (bottom left) is 34″ tall, and the round tray is 32″ in diameter. These accessories are much larger than most you see in stores, which keeps the TV from being the only large object on the wall. It keeps everything “to scale”.

If you have 4 shelves or more, with lots of little nic nacs, the TV can seem overpowering. Notice that once we placed really large accessories on each side, the TV seems like the right scale.

2) Hide the TV with doors that recess into the wall. 

That is, if it really bothers you. They don’t bother me at all, as long as they’re surrounded by attractive items. And while you’re at it, paint the background of the shelves a dark color! This too helps detract from a very large TV being the focal point.

 3) Add color or beautiful architectural items. 

In this room the amazing bookcases demand attention, so that the TV is no longer the only focal point, And to take it a step further, the intense cheerful fabric on the cocktail ottoman also draws your eye away from the TV.

A TV doesn’t have to dominate the room. We’d love to hear your tips for rooms with a large TV. Just click the word “comment” below.

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