Combining silver with bronze or brass fixtures – 4 designer tips!

People often ask if they can mix bronze, silver, and brass in the same house. perhaps they don’t want to invest in all new hinges and doorknobs? Or they aren’t willing to replace every light fixture?   Here’s 3 tips for mixing metals. 
1) Know that COLORS often demand more attention than metal finishes. 

See below, your eye goes straight to the white dining chairs, the gray drapes linen drapes, and the soothing blue green colors in the art. You don’t notice whether the metals match!

2) Think about what you will recoup during resale.

If you don’t want to go to the expensive of hiring plumbers and replacing brass faucets etc in your bathroom, perhaps you can update the look in a less expensive and less time consuming way.

When a recent Greensboro NC homeowner searched Interior design firms in Greensboro NC,  they found some of them were very pushy about a bathroom remodel, most estimates being between $29,000 and $38,000. In my opinion, that was not good advice, because they were going to down size within 5 years! After all, for resale – you can’t possibly predict whether the future buyer will want a large tub or a large shower, and whether you’d recoup the expensive remodel when you downsize and sell your home. Houzz statistics show that the majority of bathroom renovations go tremendously over budget. Perhaps you’d never recoup the $38,000 you’re trying to add to the price of your home?

Our design firm recommended some inexpensive updates (below) which the homeowners were thrilled with! Clients often tell us, “I’m so glad you showed me an inexpensive fix, we made a much bigger profit on our home than we would’ve dreamed of getting”!

AFTER above, BEFORE below

3) You can always update some light fixtures, or do it in stages. 

If clients are on a limited budget, we’ll replace those lights that are the most urgent such as the dining room and living room, while waiting to do hallways and a foyer later. A two story foyer light fixture does not demand a lot of attention, so if it has to wait, so be it!

For comments, please click the word “comment” below. To mix and match brass, silver, or bronze, look through designer blogs, web sites and Houzz for design ideas.

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