5 quick fix tips to make a living room more comfortable and welcoming!

Want a more welcoming living room? If your living room is like the ones from prior generations, which conveys ‘no one is allowed to sit in there!’  Here are 5 quick fix ways to make it more inviting and comfortable!

1) Create a cocktail ottoman!

Propping up your feet makes the room more comfortable. A leather cushion for this cocktail table makes it easily convert to a cocktail ottoman! Best of all, the cushion slides underneath the sofa when it’s not in use! See Before (right) & after (below)

                        LEFT Notice it’s the same cocktail table as above with a leather cushion for comfort!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2) Replace those stiff furniture store pillows! 

Use soft “cushy” pillows, like feather and down! People often settle for using the pillows that came with the sofa. It’s more fun to mix and match pillows so the room will convey your own taste and style. See below, what a great impact the colorful soft pillows made!

Add comfortable pillows and a chenille throw 

3) Move the furniture closer together! 

By “floating the furniture” people will be able to carry on a conversation easier. As a general rule of thumb: the distance from the chairs to the sofa should be 10′ maximum. If you think “floating” your furniture doesn’t look right, consider putting a long sofa table behind the sofa, like in the photo below.

4) Add a comfortable throw!

Nothing says “Come in! Relax!” like a soft chenille throw! Especially in the winter.

5) Add drapes to makes the room feel cozy!

This also helps with sound absorbing sound. Some people think they don’t like drapes, until we show them room photos with simple linen drapes. Normally what they meant was they don’t want fancy drapes or patterns that are too formal or busy. —OR — Perhaps they don’t like drapes that block precious sunlight & the view.

Hang drapes OUTSIDE the window, by not blocking any sunlight the room will feel more open!
The drapes can still be closed when you desire.

For more ways to update rooms without replacing furniture, check out the BEFORE & AFTER room photos on this blog:


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  1. I really like that ottoman. It is great that it has multiple purposes. Also, I realize now that my furniture is too far apart for conversations. Thank you for the help.

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