How to make the master bedroom more sophisticated, should I replace the furniture?

Quite often people think that purchasing a new bedroom furniture “set” will solve what’s missing in their bedroom, thinking it will instantly feel finished and more sophisticated…..but that’s normally not the solution. Often you would still end up with an unfinished look.

The 4 tips below will show you how to get a big impact for less money than all new bedroom furniture (none as the case goods):

1) Upgrade to more sophisticated bedding. Get rid of that bed in a bag! 
  • nice large custom shams to lean against, like below – for when you watch TV in bed or read
  • replace that bed in a bag!! a master bedroom deserves nice quality linens 
  • keep the art & main fabrics clean & simple, for a sophisticated look. For example, solid linen or silk drapes would feel timeless, while most people tire of a busy print quickly. Use busy prints on smaller items such as the pillows only. 
This client thought they needed to buy furniture, but fabrics for shams
and new bedside lamps made an amazing impact
2) Add a bench at the foot of the bed
  • A bench is a great place to throw the duvet cover, when it’s too hot to use. 
  • A bench gives you a nice place to sit, (to put on your shoes etc.)
  • Best of all – It’s a great place for packing your luggage!
bench at foot of bed
3) Add Custom Window treatments (see before and after photo) 
  • They frame the window to make it appear wider & taller! Notice how expensive homes have massive windows? If your windows aren’t large enough for your taste, trick the eye with window treatments! 
  • Drapes hung on the outside of the window frame make the room feel larger – much larger!
  • See how they “soften” the room, and solve that “unfinished” look 

Adding window treatments, a custom duvet, and bench
at the foot of the bed 
(In progress)

4) If you have a corner area, or a window niche, add something unique

  • Perhaps a comfy chair for reading?
  • Or maybe you prefer a small desk for phone calls, & memo taking
  • Think variety – your bedroom layout will seem much more unique if you avoid filling it with huge dressers, chests, and night stands only. Add fabric and color!
bedroom layout with a writing table
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