What size custom bedding so the bed sheets won’t show? 4 design solutions.

Here are 4 tips to help make ensure your sheets will be hidden!

 Bed sheets that hang out – that’s a big pet peeve with most people, but it’s easily solved. You have 4 options to hide your bed sheets:

1) Add three 27″ Euro shams. 
This will solve the sheets showing at the head of the bed. See the before after photo below.

A king bed is 79″ wide. Three euro shams are 81″ wide. Therefore, if your euro shams are 27″ wide each, with nice thick feather and down inserts, it will hide your bed sheets. See before after photos below.

Euro shams in back, king shams in front

King shams only with contrast blue welt
This Greensboro, NC homeowner was thrilled with their upholstered headboard with nail head trim! 

2) Add a contrast flange on the shams.
Notice the 4″ chocolate flange below. This adds 16″ total (4 at 4″ each) to hide your bed sheets.
Be sure to add a little stuffing in the flange, so they won’t “flop”.

Euro shams in back
A king sham with a contrast flange in front

Euro shams in back
King shams in front
3) Solution 3 – to hide your bed sheets on the sides of the bed – have a coverlet or bedspread made longer and wider to hide your bed sheets. 
We suggest using your current coverlet as a guide to determine how much larger you need. Spread a tape measure across the width, and ask yourself how much wider you’d like it to be. Normally we add 10″ to the length. The width depends on how deep your mattress is. Be sure to have the blankets etc on the bed, as this will affect the height.
4) To determine the duvet cover size, know that your duvet insert will move around inside (if you make the duvet cover too large), therefore, you’d have to have a flange sewn around the edge of the duvet.  
Above we show king shams WITHOUT A FLANGE
Notice the white sheets and pillows show
Often people turn down the contrast flange option, to keep labor costs down, this would mean you need to use pretty sheets (perhaps taupe or camel instead of white? ). The correct size custom bedding will be a vast improvement, especially with today’s deeper mattresses! 
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