5 designer tips why white linen is a great choice for drapes and window treatments!

People often show us room photos with fresh clean white linen. White linen looks great on window treatments even if you prefer a room full of color! Here are 5 design tips regarding using white linen for window treatments: 1) White linen invokes a fresh clean “summer day” feeling, like when you put fresh clean […]

How to decorate a room in white, 4 must read tips for durable ways to use white.

Interested in decorating in a clean white style?  Here are 4 ways to add white, and still have a room that’s durable for your family.  1) paint the brick, mantle, or walls bright white. Your existing woodwork and trim will affect this, if you have cream or ivory woodwork, it would have to be painted […]

Which white fabrics are durable for a sofa and chairs? 5 designer tips and room photos for decorating in white.

To use white fabrics on sofas and chairs, you’ll want to make sure the fabrics are durable. Here are 5 tips for decorating a room in white: 1) Outdoor fabrics are very durable, even in white fabrics.A sisal rug allows is a nice rich texture to accentuate the white fabrics.  2) If you put white […]