How to decorate a room in white, 4 must read tips for durable ways to use white.

Interested in decorating in a clean white style? 
Here are 4 ways to add white, and still have a room that’s durable for your family. 
1) paint the brick, mantle, or walls bright white. Your existing woodwork and trim will affect this, if you have cream or ivory woodwork, it would have to be painted a crisp white as well, so that the woodwork won’t look dirty in comparison to the crisp white walls. 

 2) Add white furniture – such as the white console table below. This Bernhardt console table is stunning, it has storage space, and it’s a nice size for a dining room or living room.

 3) white drapes, lamps, and end tables give a room a crisp clean clean look. White window treatments are the easiest way to add a fresh look to a room – think crisp clean linen on a breezy spring day! It makes you want to open the windows and smell the fresh breeze!

4) Add white upholstered furniture. To keep it family friendly and durable,  use a white slip cover that’s washable, white sunbrella fabric, or a white stain repellent fabric. Notice how nicely the custom window treatments drape the window!

White is an easy way to make a room feel clean and fresh, and yes, it can still be family friendly and durable.

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  1. We are curious about using white in our dining area and also want to repaint the den fireplace – perhaps a bright white as you show or a patterned gray or other color. These two rooms are diagonally open to each other, making a triangle with the white kitchen so a good use of white might be what we need to learn about – especially in connection with introducing some cheerful color accents.

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