3 fabulous ways to make a traditional home feel more contemporary!

More contemporary dining room

Let’s look at how to get a more contemporary look.

If you desire a more contemporary updated look, it may be easier to achieve than you think! People often think in terms of anything that is ATTACHED to the home, such as new flooring, new tile, a new kitchen etc. But in actuality, the furniture and decorative pieces can have a much bigger impact for a lot less time, hassle, and money!

Updated wall paint, furniture, art, a new rug, or even a new light fixture can make a huge impact!! See the photos below for 3 stunning examples of changes that were achieved quickly and effortlessly.

It’s amazing how much a room can change overnight. As an interior designer, we give people estimates, a vision, and a plan. We show them how easy it is to achieve major impact with less time, effort and money than remodeling or getting new flooring.

In the Winston Salem NC home below, we brought them local original art, new furniture, custom drapes, new wall paint, all of which changed the entire personality of the room!

1) Let your personality shine through!

In the client’s home below, she loves shimmer and crystals. We found this amazing tree branch light fixture in silver leaf and crystal, which added the personal touch she wanted. We painted the walls gray, and added white linen drapes. Our gray wool rug was also a nice addition! The abstract art adds beautiful green, teal, gray and blue tones.

After Before

2) Consider abstract or contemporary art!

The mirror dressers reflect light, and the silver picture frame adds a contemporary touch. We painted the walls “spa blue”, made custom drapes & bedding & found dressers at an outlet.  We brough the client  local Greensboro NC art. To make the TV less of a focal point.We omitted the “matching set” look, with walnut nightstands.

After Before

2) Add lighter wall colors fabrics!

Below, light linen drapes, white Sunbrella fabrics and light colors in the art create a stunning transformation. When our client bought the home below, the prior home owner’s paint colors were too dark for their taste. The light gray walls (above and below chair rail both) now make the room feel light and bright.

After Before

There are 3 main questions to ask yourself in order to achieve major impact for the least amount of money:
1) Can I use any of my existing furniture? Notice we kept the dining tables above.

2) Will changing the floors require me to use too much of the budget to be able to update any furniture that I want to replace?

3) Have I considered what changes will make the MOST impact, which ones will make the least impact? Have I studied before & after photos on blogs & designer websites to know what changes I’d like to treat as a priority?

 If you have Interior Design needs, and are in the Piedmont area of NC. Call us today, we’d be happy to show you options that can make your traditional home feel more contemporary!

Adding personality, updated colors and abstract art are 3 quick fix ways to make a traditional home feel more contemporary! Check out our prior blogs for more interior design ideas!

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