What to put behind the sofa, 6 design solutions!

A room can look so inviting when a sofa is pulled out from the wall, when space allows, it’s so much more interesting if you put something interesting behind the sofa.

Here we’ll show 5 stunning ideas for the wall or space behind the sofa! These photos show that a sofa can look great in front of a window or pulled out into the room, so conversation is easier.

5 design tips for the behind the sofa:

1) A tree or floor lamp!

I love this look! When the sofas are in the center of the room, the tree helps to “settle” the space so the sofas don’t look like they’re floating in the room. Notice how cozy the greenery makes the room?

2) A console table behind the sofa!

  • Before bringing a sofa table home, make sure it’s not a lot taller (or shorter) than the sofa. Your goal is that the console will be about the same height as the sofa. 
  • A sofa table provides a convenient place to set down a drink, or to have a lamp, plants, etc. 
  • If the console table will be between the wall and the sofa, you can purchase an inexpensive one, as it will be hidden. 
  • A sofa isn’t attractive on the back (normally). A console table makes the back view appealing!

3) Luxurious drapes and a window!
Notice below the sofa is in front of the window. The drapes & pair of chairs help to balance the room and create a sense of symmetry!

4) A collage of photos or art behind the sofa!

  •  Your collage can be a combination of art, photographs, in black and white and colorful.
  •  Notice that although the art varies in height, it is not wider than the width of the sofa!

5) A long shelf behind a sofa!

  • A shelf works great on one condition – that it’s not too deep so people hit their head on it!
  • The shelf will need to be long enough to hold it’s own and not look too small. 

6) A walkway! 

Below there is a walkway behind the sofa, which leads to the french doors. This open floor plan works, the sofa helps to divide the long narrow room.  In this situation, it’s best if the sofa is attractive on the back. For some tips:

  • Some reclining sofas are not very attractive on the back.
  • A sofa up on legs can feel less dense or intrusive than a skirted sofa. 
  • Make sure the sofa is not a lot taller than the chairs and other furnishings. 

If you’re concerned with the view of the back of the sofa, or if you just want ideas for what to hang on the wall behind the sofa, we hope these designer photos were helpful.

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