Make your home feel like a beach home! 5 unique design tips that are timeless.

Would you like your home to have a “beach vacation” feeling without going overboard on a beach theme? Here we’ll show you styles that are both timeless and very popular. A coastal type look is the reason Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and others capitalize on distressed wood, light gray or whitewashed wood tones. Here’s a few more ways interior designers use color to give homes a beach style. 
1) Add art in the colors of the ocean!
Notice below the room doesn’t go overboard on a “beach theme”. But when you look at the art below, it reminds me of being at the ocean! This is a soothing choice. 

2) Add bright beach type colors through fabrics!

If you don’t want to replace it all, how about the shams and headboard only? For this Winston Salem, NC client, we replaced her dark brown headboard with a beautiful turquoise fabric, and made bright cheerful shams to go with the ready made comforter.

We made a turquoise upholstered headboard with nail head trim in Winston Salem, NC

3) Replace dark bedroom furniture with a light gray or distressed wood!

It’s wise not to go overboard on this, (avoid a complete matching set). If you steer away from a “matching bedroom set” and only use a couple of light wood pieces you can achieve a fun unique look. Notice how the bright color lamp, cheerful art, and a live plant to add greenery really make an impact!

Light distressed woods, white walls, with pops of blue and green

4) Bring the outdoors in!

Nothing makes you feel like you’re vacationing outdoors as much as live greenery and trees.
Any room looks better with a live plant, just like any room looks better with a puppy or a kitty cat!

If you want your home to have that cheerful “staying at the beach” feeling without going overboard and having to much of a beach theme. Don’t forget to mix and match, after all, every piece doesn’t have to be a beach theme. Notice in the photo above, there’s a mix of blues, greens, yellows, leather, wood, and metal. It’s the combination of materials that make you appreciate the color tones!

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