How to find art for above a tall chair rail or wainscoat?

Art above a tall chair rail can be hard to find. In the below photo, the wood frame on the art was a nice thick wood, which made it the correct size & scale for the deep wainscoting. 
AFTER above, BEFORE below
 When you absolutely love a piece of art, you can hang it directly over the chair rail or wainscoting. It’s your home, embrace your surroundings and do as you please!
Notice in the photo below, the mirror would’ve been too far from the buffet, 
– If it had been placed above the chair rail or wainscoting. 

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3 thoughts on “How to find art for above a tall chair rail or wainscoat?

  1. I have run into a similar problem in my foyer. I want to hang a mirror that will float over the wainscoting. What is the best way to secure it to the wall? Thanks!

    1. Sometimes we increase the depth slightly at the top of the mirror, by adding
      a 1 x 1, unless it’s visable from the side. Or, at times we actually remove the wainscoting
      on just one wall, if that’s possible. Vertical pieces do make ceilings feel taller. Sorry for
      the delay, just received this!

  2. I have a chair rail in my dining room and a buffet (credenza) below it. Do I measure the mirror I want to hang in relation to the chair rail or the piece of furniture ? How many inches above?

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