How much to budget for the dining room furniture, rug, drapes, & chandelier?

People often ask how much they should budget for their dining room furniture, we list some sample budgets below. I like to stress that it’s good to shop for discounted furniture, and to make sure to allow for window treatments, art, rugs, accessories, and perhaps a new chandelier! By discounted I don’t mean the typical furniture store “clearance sale”.  I’m referring to showroom samples, designer warehouses, etc. where you can get very high quality furniture at substantial savings!

There are lots of bargains to be found when it comes to dining furniture. Often you can buy a table that is greatly discounted because one of the two leafs is missing, or perhaps someone canceled a custom order. Furniture warehouses are full of furniture that people return because it looked too big in their room! Which by the way is a good reason to work with an experienced interior designer, they can help you with size/scale/space planning.

They can also help you with mixing furniture from different collections… get chairs that compliment but do not match the dining table. For example, I saw a breathtaking Henredon dining table recently marked down from $3,400 down to $300! It was not damaged, it was just a return and the store had already made it’s money by charging the original buyer a huge restocking fee.

Dining Room AFTER above 

                                                                  BEFORE below

Before buying a new dining set, keep in mind that furniture is only part of what the room needs to feel “finished” or cozy & welcoming. Below are two sample budgets with before and after dining room photos to emphasize the need to plan & budget BEFORE you shop!

AFTER (above)
Dining art, lamp, custom drapes, and a new paint color on the wall add to the look
Once the chandelier is upgraded the room will be complete!
                                                                      Before (below)
Dining room BEFORE

SAMPLE dining room BUDGETS     A (outlet furniture with accessories) versus B 
Dining room rug 9 x 11 100% wool hand tufted            $     400 (nice)  to  $ 2,000 (upgraded)
Dining table & chairs discounted at a furniture outlet    $  3,400   
Chandelier                                                                       $    375 (nice)   to  $ 1,300 (high end)
Art –  very large, custom wood frame                             $    500 (nice)   to  $ 1,500 (high end)
Custom Window Treatments                                          $    495 (nice)   to  $  890    (upgraded)
Accessories                                                                     $    150 (nice)   to  $  550   
                                                                                              _____               ______
GRAND TOTAL  ROOM                                               $   4,845         to   $ 7,240  
What shape or size dining table should I get?

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When it comes to budgeting for your dining room, know that even a bargain table from a consignment store or outlet can look amazing if it’s in a room with beautiful paint, fabrics, & art. A big dining budget doesn’t necessarily dictate whether the room will look amazing, it’s more the personal touches that count!

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  1. Thank you for the sample budget comparison! We specifically do not want a formal dining room feel (doesn't suit us or our space) so I love how you are able to combine different items to pull a room together. I like the two tone drapes in the picture above for a splash of color. I am taking a fresh look at what drapes can do for a room.

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