What type bed frame for an upholstered headboard?

There are lots of types of bed frames, from the metal ones you should hide with a dust skirt, to plat form beds which don’t allow the use of box springs, to wood frames, which allow you to get a nice quality look, with no need for a dust skirt!

The upholstered headboards below show the use of various style frames. We custom made these beds with nail head trim, and they are attached to the wall instead of the bed frame. This allows you to use any type bed frame, from a hidden metal frame (about $50 at a local mattress store) to a wooden frame or matching side rails that are upholstered as shown below.

See the disadvantages listed below – when you get a foot board.

Upholstered Headboard with the same fabric on side
rails and foot rails, Greensboro, NC 

Upholstered Headboard on a hidden metal frame
If your dust skirt is plain (not gathered), you rarely notice the dust skirt.
This is a great option if you want to incorporate more fabrics and textures. 

Leather Upholstered headboard with matching side rails and foot rails and nail head trim
NOTE – if you box spring is tall some bed frames may not work for you!
Some brands like the above do not allow space for a box spring.

We made this custom upholstered headboard and added wood side rails and foot board rail.
Notice the legs (far left close up), You can see underneath the bed for a nice open look, even with a box spring.
Upholstered Headboard with nail head trim, close up view

When we ask clients if they like their complete bed, (with foot boards as shown) 99.99% of the time they tell us they do not. If we talk to them before they buy a bed, we make sure we point out several disadvantages of a foot board on the bed:

1) It chops the room off – it makes the room look smaller. In those cases where we change to an upholstered headboard, the clients are amazed at how much more “open” and “spacious” it looks
2) It’s harder to make the bed when you have a foot board….
3) The footboard is uncomfortable, it’s something your foot hits at night, or WORSE! People often tell us they stub their toes or hit it with their shin in the middle of the night!

When we change to a headboard only, with side rails or a hidden bed frame, the bedroom instantly feels much larger.

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  1. I like the wooden rails shown in the photo with the paisley headboard and blue drapes. However, I love the first photo in this blog showing the cream colored headboard with the upholstered side and foot rails. I love the clean lines of that look (not really the shape of that headboard or the color fabric but the look of everything being upholstered). I like this, I believe, better than the wooden rails. I much prefer no footboard.Thanks for the great examples!!

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