How to maximize seating in a family room for TV viewing, with tips for room layouts.

In order to seat lots of people, this long narrow living room needed a redo. See the before and after photo, the room can seat several more people now. We made a custom sectional to make use of what used to be wasted space, then on the opposite wall, we replaced a loveseat with two chairs. Two large adults normally tell us they’re more comfortable sitting in their own chair (instead of a loveseat).

When deciding the length of your sectional. know that you only need to allow about 40 inches for the walkway area, unless of course you want it to look really “open” in that case, you’d want to allow more.

This client requested a sectional with a pair of chairs, which was a great way to seat lots of people for TV viewing!
Notice how many more people they can seat than the layout before (below


1) Notice how the large end tables took up valuable seating area. The skirt on the sofa made the room feel smaller. By leaving the skirt off of the sectional, the furniture doesn’t seem as dense.
2) Consider furniture with clean small arms, the older styles that were “overstuffed”  had huge rolled arms, if the arms are 6″ wider each, that’s 12″ of space that could be used for a longer sofa. 

In the room layout above, there are several seating areas for maximum seating and TV viewing
The ottomans in front of the chairs add extra comfort. 
3) Consider a long bench which can be pulled out to use when needed. Perhaps from the foyer, or the foot of the bed?
4) Don’t forget you can “borrow” chairs from other rooms, perhaps an upholstered host and hostess chair from the dining room? Or perhaps you could keep a chair or two in the corner of the bedroom  – to bring into the TV room for family gatherings.

Host and hostess chairs can be carried into the TV
Room for optimum TV viewing
Remember that your layout can be rearranged for parties or
for a big family get together.

For lots more photos of room layouts and TV room viewing, click on these blogs, they feature some great ideas!!
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  1. Excellent ideas here! The first picture is (if I remember correctly) similar to the dimensions of our living room in our new house but without a fireplace. Making a sectional work in that space is just what we would need for maximizing "lounging" options for teenagers without the feel of opposing sofas across from each other. I agree that we would much prefer separate chairs vs. a loveseat. Without a fireplace, we would like to investigate making a built in look on the more narrow wall with the TV with shelving/cabinets, if our space allows.

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