How to update a boring bedroom! Follow these 4 steps!

Is your master bedroom in need of some pizzazz? Does it feel drab & boring? Think of it this way – it’s the place you & your spouse can escape. It’s an important room to take it to the next level and make it the soothing oasis you both deserve!

The addition of nail head trim, custom drapes, and a chandelier take this room to an entirely different level. 

This master bedroom has chandeliers over each end table.
The custom bedding, bench, and custom drapes make the room feel more luxurious. 

Follow these steps for a fabulous room makeover:

1)Step One – find some inspiration fabrics! Yes, this should be done first, because there are millions of paint colors, but very few amazing fabrics. Think of the fabrics as a work of art!! After all, they will  make or break the room.

Pillow fabrics 
A bedroom can look harsh and stark without fabrics to soften it.
When you select timeless fabrics (not trendy), you can create window treatments & custom bedding
that you’ll love for the next 15 to 20 years. Above: Drapery fabric Left, Sham fabric Right 

2) Step Two – think variety. Don’t repeat the same fabric over and over. You know the “matching sets”  where the dust skirt, the shams, and the drapes are all in the same fabric?  So boring! Give your room the touches it deserves, with custom window treatments, glamorous pillows, and custom bedding that actually fits (actually covers the mattress). Various fabrics with different textures and sheen will make it unique!

In this bedroom the custom drapes draw the eye toward the amazing view. 
A bench at the foot of the bed, a comfortable chair, think about what items will be
both functional and beautiful in your master bedroom. 

Bedroom Before
This room felt unfinished without the addition of  drapes.
To find fabric options in the right style & texture, be sure
to spread out several yards of the fabric, do not trust a small swatch!! 
After (in progress) 
The window treatments give the room a finished touch. People often say they don’t like window treatments, this means they haven’t tried the right window treatments. As long as they don’t block daylight, and as long as they’re hung so they make the window look wider and the room look bigger, they’ll be a vast improvement. Go with clean styles, nothing
fru fru. The room above is a work in progress, it still needs an end table, a floor lamp, & accessories for color.

3) Step Three ….Create a room that is loved by both spouses. To combine taste & styles, compromise may be necessary….If he wants a flat screen TV, try to accommodate. If she wants a big comfy chair, think compromise. Often we spend all the money on the children’s areas, and we forget to take care of the king and queen of the house. 

4) Step Four, make it a place to hibernate…..on those rare occasions when you can sleep in, how nice would it be to pull the drapes and create a dark bedroom? Medical studies prove that the Melatonin needed for deep sleep is diminished when light seeps into the room, so order drapes that open and close so you’ll sleep like a bear in hibernation!

If you can’t afford to change all your fabrics, add a border on the drapes, 
or a throw or new shams. It will create that “custom” look. 

5) Step Five….be realistic about what will truly make a big impact. People often think new carpet or hardwoods will solve what the room needs.  In actuality, client’s tell us they don’t even notice the flooring once they added those things that make a big impact –custom bedding, drapes, lamps, & accessories. Check out bedrooms in magazines – notice what makes them so appealing? It’s certainly not the floor!

When you follow the right steps to a room makeover, it makes the process fun & easy.

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