Blinds versus drapes, which window treatment is best? See these photos!

How can I create privacy on my windows without blocking my view?”, this is probably the most common question homeowners ask us as designers.

Often one spouse is a fan of 2″ wood blinds, or shutters.

The other spouse – well they often request something that “won’t make the windows feel so closed in, yet will still provide privacy at night”. We’ve noticed this request normally comes from the spouse who who works out of the home, or spends more daytime hours in the home than the other spouse.

Keep in mind you can always start with drapes or window treatments, then, if you still want blinds or shades, you can add them later. The reason – the vast majority of people tell us they think their room feels “unfinished” until we hang drapes.

After with window treatments 

Before window treatments

Here are some options and solutions for window treatment privacy:

    Drapes can be hung so that they do not cover even one inch of daylight. Then, at night, they can be completely closed.

In the below room makeovers, the custom window treatments create privacy, help with sound absorption, and do not block any of the view!

Sheers offer an option to diffuse light. See below – today’s cotton linen weave sheers are much better looking that the polyester sheers your mother had. See the metropolitan style room makeover below:

Before above, After below
Greensboro NC home AFTER with drapes that open & close



Another option for privacy on windows is custom made roman shades, see photo: 

Roman shades can be raised or lowered
In deciding between drapes and wood blinds, keep in mind that when you
raise 2″ wood blinds they will block 10″ to 12″ of the window – at eye level.
More importantly, it’s hard to get 2″ blinds to hang level when they are raised, people comment that even if they’re hung perfectly, one side seems to hang lower than the other when they are raised. Although we offer blinds, we have noticed that clients are happiest with drapes or roman shades, instead of wood blinds.

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